* Principles of Underwater Archaeology Training



  • Underwater Archaeology Division, Fine Arts Department, Thailand (UAD)
  • UNESCO Bangkok



18 February – 15 March 2013



As part of the Southeast Asian Collaborative Programme on Underwater Archaeology, this training course aims to build capacity for Southeast Asian archaeologists with limited or no experience in underwater archaeology to equip them for underwater archaeological survey missions.  It is hoped that upon completing the course, the trainees will be able to survey and identify significant underwater cultural heritage in their countries and supply the information to the regional online database of maritime and underwater cultural heritage.


Background Information/Statement of the Problem

Since underwater archaeology is a relatively new discipline in Southeast Asia, many countries in the region do not yet have an underwater archaeology unit and trained archaeologists who can carry out underwater archaeological operations.  This results in the lack of data and proper management of underwater cultural heritage.



  • To train participants on the basic principles of underwater archaeology
  • To equip participants with necessary knowledge to carry out surveys of maritime and underwater cultural heritage in their home countries


Methods to Achieve Objectives

The training will be conducted by expert underwater archaeologists from the Thai UAD as well as from the region and beyond.  It will focus on the basic principles of underwater archaeology, including survey, field techniques, and recording.  The training will be designed to suit participants with little or no experience in underwater archaeology. 


Target Group/Beneficiaries

24 entry level or mid-career Southeast Asian archaeologists in charge of underwater archaeology



  • Training for 24 Southeast Asian archaeologists 
  • Report



Participants will be able to conduct survey missions of underwater cultural heritage in their countries, and contribute the newly acquired information to the online database.