2nd Announcement

SEAMEO SPAFA is pleased to announce the additional applicants who have been selected to participate in the 2ndSEAMEO Youth Leadership Forum from the7thto the11thof March2016 at Holiday Inn Bangkok,Sukhumvit22,Thailand as follows :

  1. Ms. Aye Aye Cho
  2. Mr. Swan Htet Naung
  3. Mr. Min Aung Myat Ko
    Philippines (PH)
  1. Ms.Danielle Marie Cang
  1. Ms. Tran Thi Hoang Anh

The selected participants will be contacted and provided with all the information regarding their participation.

Please note that the Selection Committee has aimed to ensure representation from all SEAMEO-member countries, while factoring in the quality and volume of applications received from each country. Preference has been given to individuals who met all eligibility requirements and demonstrated strong leadership characteristics. This approach should ensure that we have a group of youth leaders who are fully prepared to benefit from and contribute to the Forum.

SEAMEO SPAFA and its partners wish to sincerely thank everyone who has expressed interest in the Forum.


After thorough review by the Selection Committee of 1,051 applications from the 11 SEAMEO-member countries and ASEAN+3 countries to attend the 2nd SEAMEO Youth Leadership Forum from the 7th to the 11th of March 2016 at Holiday Inn Bangkok, Sukhumvit 22, Thailand, the following applicants have been selected to participate in the Forum:

    Brunei Darussalam (BD)
  1. Ms. Amar Syahirah Haji Abd Murad
  2. Mr. Mohammad Amir Najmi Haji Moksin
  3. Mr. Zainul-Akhyaar Amer Hairunuddin
    Cambodia (KH)
  1. Ms. Maryna Samnang
  2. Mr. Men Vuthy
  3. Ms. Tech Kimheang
    Indonesia (ID)
  1. Ms. Christiani Sagala
  2. Mr. Prayogi Purwanto
  3. Mr. Ramli
  4. Ms. Siti Nurul Faizatus Sholikha
    Lao PDR (LA)
  1. Mr. Bounsalack Kenesane
  2. Ms. Chindavone Sanlath
  3. Mr. Temvongsa Xaypasith
    Malaysia (MY)
  1. Mr. Aaron Denison
  2. Mr. Kenny Lee Chee Wah
  3. Mr. Muhammad Annuar Abdul Nasir
    Philippines (PH)
  1. Mr. Jude Russel Cuntapay
  2. Mr. Kent Kerby Bayona
  3. Mr. Uriel Galace
    Singapore (SG)
  1. Mr. Choong Chay
  2. Mr. Kalicharan Veera Singam
  3. Mr. Pengru Tan
    Thailand (TH)
  1. Mr. Chanat Anantapanyasut
  2. Ms. Fahrudee Songluck
  3. Ms. Sirada Lorhpipat
    Timor Leste (TL)
  1. Mr. Alejario Vieira
  2. Mr. Celio Jacinto Lopes Do Ceu
    Vietnam (VN)
  1. Ms. Giang Nguyen
  2. Mr. Minh Duc Bui
  3. Ms. Minh Hang Tran
ASEAN+3 Countries
  1. Ms. Pan Yanwen
  2. Ms. Ren Jiayue
  3. Ms. Sun Lin
  1. Mr. Momma Genichiro
  2. Mr. Ohkubo Yusuke
  3. Ms. Yasuda Kristina
    Republic of Korea
  1. Ms. Hwang Chanmi
  2. Ms. Kwon Hyo Young
  3. Ms. Min Younhong (Lydia)

The selected participants will be contacted and provided with all the information regarding their participation. SEAMEO SPAFA and its partners wish to sincerely thank everyone who has expressed interest in the Forum.

The 2nd SEAMEO Youth Leadership Forum aims to provide a regional platform for youth representatives from SEAMEO-member countries to build their leadership skills and strengthen their capacity to contribute to the ASEAN community now and in the future.


  1. Develop future Southeast Asian leaders through engagement with present leaders in various key professions, with a focus on good governance and civic responsibility.
  2. Enhance youth representatives’ understanding of globalization, intercultural communications, and changes in the natural environment and social relations.
  3. Provide a space for youth representatives to voice their unique views on the current and future state of their respective communities and of Southeast Asia.
  4. Foster personal, professional, and cross-cultural networking among youths within and across the ASEAN region.

The Forum’s Four Themes

  1. Developing Future Leaders of Southeast Asia
  2. Effective Professional Values and Skills
  3. Managing the Development of a Changing World
  4. Intercultural Understanding
Click on Themes for more details.
See the tentative Program.

Target Participants

Three (3) participants from each SEAMEO-member country (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste, and Vietnam) will be selected to join the SEAMEO Youth Leadership Forum. We will also accept two (2) participants from each of the ASEAN+3 nations, specifically Japan, South Korea, and China. The desired participants are those who are at the junction of their education and professional career; therefore, priority will be given to senior university students or those who have recently graduated from university in the previous academic year. Preference will also be given to individuals who have demonstrated strong leadership characteristics while in school or as members of their community. A cross-section of different career fields such as law, engineering, science, arts, media and medicine will be represented in the forum.
Do you qualify? See Selection Criteria.

Application Schedule

  1. Application closes: January 29th 2016
  2. Announcement of application results: February 12th 2016