Interning with us

Internship Programme [*Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, SEAMEO SPAFA regrets to inform that we are temporarily not accepting any applications to intern at SEAMEO SPAFA until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and seek your understanding on the matter.]

SEAMEO SPAFA, the Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts, based in Bangkok, Thailand, aims to cultivate awareness and appreciation of cultural heritage, as well as further professional competence in the fields of archaeology and fine arts through regional programmes and activities, and through sharing of resources and experiences. As part of its goal in cultivating awareness and appreciation of Southeast Asian cultural heritage, and furthering professional competence in the fields of archaeology and fine arts in the region, SEAMEO SPAFA offers internship opportunities for undergraduates, graduates and post graduate students majoring in areas related to the work of SEAMEO SPAFA. The internship programme does not offer remuneration, though interns will be provided with a comprehensive practical experience in a setting where learning is the primary objective of the experience. The following internship policy and guidelines gives individuals interested in interning with the Centre, an overview of the internship programme, what is expected of the intern and how the intern can benefit from an internship with SEAMEO SPAFA.

a) Provide chosen undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in a field related to the work of SEAMEO SPAFA the opportunity to enrich their academic knowledge through practical work tasks;
b) Enable undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students to gain practical experience in a regional organization;
c) Introduce interns to the work scope of SEAMEO SPAFA, and allow them to obtain better insight to SEAMEO SPAFA’s mandate and programmes;
d) Impart SEAMEO SPAFA with the assistance of skilled and competent students, concentrating in various professional and technical fields related to SEAMEO SPAFA programmes.

a) Excellent way to learn about archaeology, fine arts, and cultural heritage and conservation in Southeast Asia while also acquiring some of the necessary skills and tools for success in this field of work;
b) Satisfy certain university programme requirements and possibly allow the student to earn university credit, enriching the university experience and preparing for entrance into the workforce;
c) Opportunity to attend SEAMEO SPAFA organized and/or sponsored events when possible.
d) Chance to network and build relationships with key person(s) in the field of archaeology, fine arts, cultural heritage and conservation. This relationship can open doors to future positions and strengthen one’s career;
e) Interns participating in an internship are typically more engaged in their learning and develop a better work ethic and more skills and abilities. These interns later become more dedicated employees and involved community members.
f) By providing experiential learning while still in school, SEAMEO SPAFA’s Internship Programme can give interns real-life experience in their potential future choice of career.

The roles and responsibilities stated below for each position provide a brief guideline of the tasks and assignments that may be expected, though are not limited to:

a) Administration Intern: Assist the Administration Officer in day-to-day general administration of the SEAMEO SPAFA Centre (henceforth, the Centre) and supporting the staff team.

b) Documentation Intern: Assist the Documentation Officer in collating and documenting all reports and materials produced by and for the Centre.

c) Programme Development Intern: Assist the Programme Officer in developing strategies for programmes and activities that consider the Centre’s 5-Year Plan objectives, audience development, participation outreach, and partnership opportunities.

d) Public Affairs Intern: Assist the Communications Officer in preparing public information/contents related to programmes, projects and activities of the Centre, as well as maintaining an effective mechanism in promoting and publicizing the Centre’s activities through its website, social networks, mass media, publications, exhibitions, and other appropriate means.

e) Publications Management Intern: Assist the Publications Manager in cooperating with professional and administrative staff concerning the contents of the Centre’s publications, and the maintenance of an acceptable standard of English in all publications.

f) Research Intern (Archaeology/ Fine Arts/ Cultural Heritage & Conservation): Assist Senior Specialists and/or Researchers in researching, promoting and disseminating knowledge in the fields of archaeology, fine arts, and/or cultural heritage and conservation.

g) Library Intern: Assist the librarian in all aspects of the library and documentation services of the Centre, including selection, acquisition, and organization of library materials.

h) “General” Intern: A “general” intern refers to an individual who has not identified a specific area of interest in his/her preference, but would like to obtain experience in various departments. A “general” intern would therefore be involved in different areas and departments of the organization.

Depending on which position from the eight listed above that the intern is interested in gaining experience in, he/she will be assigned the appropriate mentor within the SEAMEO SPAFA Centre who will supervise his/her internship.

a) SEAMEO SPAFA is a non-profit organisation. Its internship programme does not remunerate its interns, and internship assignments are undertaken on a voluntary basis. In lieu of remuneration, SEAMEO SPAFA will provide the intern with working space and facilities, valuable experience and training.
b) Interns are welcome to attend most SEAMEO SPAFA activities, such as meetings, workshops, conferences, and forums; however, they are not SEAMEO SPAFA staff members. Hence, interns should not represent SEAMEO SPAFA or be expected to present SEAMEO SPAFA’s position on programmatic or technical issues under any circumstance.
c) Participation in the internship programme should not be mistakenly construed as an initial step to recruitment with SEAMEO SPAFA. Therefore, the internship does not imply any obligations of appointment upon completion.

a) At the time of application, candidates must be enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate programme in a university or equivalent institution, pursuing studies in areas related to SEAMEO SPAFA’s fields of competence (archaeology, fine arts, cultural heritage and conservation, Southeast Asian studies, history, culture, anthropology) or other areas which support SEAMEO SPAFA’s work such as education, human resources, library science, information technology, communication, etc.
b) Individuals seeking internships in secretarial/clerical or technical/professional areas must be enrolled in a specialized technical/professional institution or undergraduate programme pertinent to the assigned duties and must have reached their senior year of studies.
c) The candidate must be competent in Microsoft Office programmes, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
d) The candidate must have a good command of the English language, both in writing and speaking. Competency in another language, especially a language of a Southeast Asian nation, would be advantageous.

a) The standard duration of internship shall be three months, with a minimum duration being two months.
b) The internship programme is normally on a full-time basis, following the normal days and hours of operation of the SEAMEO SPAFA Centre, which is Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4.30pm. Internship assignments may also be carried out on a part-time basis depending on the situation and upon the approval of the SEAMEO SPAFA Centre Director.
c) Interns will have to sign an agreement stipulating the duration of internship, scope of work responsibilities, and benefits.
d) Interns will also be expected to complete an exit interview and write a brief report based on their internship work.

a) All applicants must submit a cover letter and a completed application form. The completed application form should be sent by email to
b) Applicants will be contacted only if their candidature is taken under consideration. Although not mandatory, SEAMEO SPAFA may interview pre-selected candidates.
c) The accepted candidate will receive a letter of acceptance.