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Panji/Inao – Southeast Asian Performance, Theatre and Dance

Programme Category: Sacred Universe
Type: Seminar and Performance
Date: 2-6 March 2013
Venue: Thailand Cultural Centre, Bangkok


Panji stories is a cycle of Javanese stories based on the life of a prince from East Java, Indonesia. The heroic tale spread across Southeast Asia, and became extremely popular, especially within the Malay-speaking parts of the region. Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos have their own interpretation of this adventure and romance story, similar to the case of the Ramayana and Mahabharata epics. The stories of Panji, sometimes spelt Pandji and known as Inao in other parts of the region, are performed in various ways through dance, song and poetry.

SEAMEO SPAFA recognises the importance of supporting the research, conservation and practice of shared heritage. The lack of cross-cultural understanding often results in cultural insensitivity and lead to social conflicts. It is crucial, therefore, to promote cross-cultural understanding and dialogue among Southeast Asians to achieve unity, peace, and sustainable social development. Countries in Southeast Asia are working to enhance mutual understanding and respect through political, social, and, most importantly, educational means. With the ASEAN community integration under way, the Centre appreciates its role in promoting the living shared heritage and culture, and forming a stronger bond within the community.

This project aims to bring together performers from the Southeast Asian region to share and compare their own expertise and culture on this common heritage.


  1. To advance cross-cultural understanding and mutual knowledge among Southeast Asians.
  2. To impart knowledge on and understanding of Panji/Inao stories; its history, cultural significance, performance styles, contemporary challenges and community participation.
  3. To share the art and techniques of the Panji/Inao stories; its dances, costumes, vocal styles, musical instruments and stories.
  4. To promote a dialogue between workshop participants, which will create a platform for future regional collaboration.
  5. To create a unique project where almost all kinds of Panji/Inao stories will be performed on the same stage and event.


  • Seminar and performances
  • Videos of performances (Please visit SEAMEO SPAFA’s YouTube channel or click on video image above)
  • Publication (To be published in 2017)


  1. Participants gained more advanced understanding and knowledge of the Panji/Inao stories, and better equip themselves in their professions.
  2. An established network of ASEAN experts on shared heritage, and a platform for future regional collaboration on Southeast Asian arts.
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