CELEBRATE with us our 50 years of promoting archaeology and fine arts in Southeast Asia !

Our Regional Centre, SEAMEO SPAFA, has come a long way since SEAMEO identified archaeology and fine arts as important keys in understanding the history and culture of Southeast Asia, as well as focussed on upgrading professional competence in the said disciplines.

Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts (SEAMEO SPAFA) is celebrating its contribution toward the cultural heritage of Southeast Asia through its core activities of training, professional enhancement, and academic support. Today, the Organization continues to sustain its role as the co-ordination centre in the region for practitioners and professionals; as well as strengthen its commitment to the SDGs in protecting cultural and natural heritage.

Throughout 2021, we will be organizing a series of celebratory activities such as Open House and exhibitions, and connecting with our alumni and the public to share “SPAFA Memories”, and more.

We are reaching out to you to participate in our celebration – JOIN US, CONTRIBUTE.

For comments and enquiries, please email: spafa50@seameo-spafa.org

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Take a walk down memory lane with us as we present a selection of photographs depicting our activities over the decades from our photographic archives and from our participants. The images in this gallery change throughout the year. If you have a photo from a SPAFA event to share, please send it to us (spafa50@seameo-spafa.org) and we will feature it in this gallery.

  January, February

1984:Memory from Prof. John Miksic: This photo shows Prince Subhadradis Diskul and staff at a statue in Takuapa.

2013:Memory from Thai underwater archaeologist Pornnatcha Sankhaprasit of the Underwater Archaeology Division, Fine Arts Department, Thailand. "This course taught me a useful skill for working in underwater archaeological sites, academically and ethically. Participants from 10 counties in ASEAN gathered and aimed in the same goal to enhance the protection of underwater heritage in the region. This training illustrated ASEAN members' awareness and enthusiasm and created the platform to build a strong connection and friendship, leading to several collaborated projects until the present."

2011: 17 Jan 2011, Museums Forum held at the fourth floor auditorium of SEAMEO SPAFA in Bangkok. From the SEAMEO SPAFA image archives.

1992:Fieldwork excavation in Trang Province, activity under the Training Course on Advanced Training in Ethno-Archaeology(S-T151a) from 12 January - 11 March 1992. From the SEAMEO SPAFA image archives.

1986:Consultative Workshop on Research and Documentation of Ethnic Music (P-W3) held in Laguna, Philippines from June 22-28. From the SEAMEO SPAFA image archives. Related publications found here: https://publications.spafajournal.org/index.php/spafapub/catalog/book/27 and https://publications.spafajournal.org/index.php/spafapub/catalog/book/26

1988: Training Course in the Technique of Labanotation and its Implementation for Teachers of the Performing Arts held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from May 14 - June 5, 1988. From the SEAMEO SPAFA image archives.

2003: Dance performance at the opening ceremony of the International Seminar and Workshop on Southeast Asian Performing arts, 10-14 November 2003, Bangkok University. From the SEAMEO SPAFA image archives.

2007:Former SPAFA Director Pisit Charoenwongsa (facing camera) and participants during a field visit to the mangroves at Chachoengsao province, Thailand in the Regional Workshop on Making Mangrove an Eco-Museum, March 19-28, 2007. From the SEAMEO SPAFA image archives.

2010:CollAsia2010 Workshop on Conservation, Communication and Community held in August 5-29, 2010 in Bangkok and Phrae province, Thailand. From the SEAMEO SPAFA image archives.

2011:Group photo at U-Sa's Tower in the Phu Phra Bat Historical Park in Udon Thani Province - at the first Workshop on rock art studies in Southeast Asia which was held in Bangkok, Ubon Ratchathani and Udon Thani from 2-13 May, 2011. From the SEAMEO SPAFA image archives.

2019:The annual merit-making ceremony held at the start of the year with monks from Wat Pho. Former director of SPAFA, Dr. M. R. Rujaya Abhakorn is on front. 2019 photo from the SEAMEO SPAFA image archives.

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We have a range of events planned for this year. Follow this space for more details
  Video tour of the SPAFA Building – a unique icon in Bangkok!
  SPAFA50 Commemorative Book
  Celebration Dinner
  Your Photo Memory of SPAFA50 (Facebook/Instagram)
SEAMEO SPAFA celebrates 50 years of contributing to archaeology and fine arts in Southeast Asia, this year, and we would love for you to share with us on Facebook and/or Instagram, a fond memory of SPAFA. It can be a SPAFA event you participated in or a visit to the Centre, etc! For photos selected and posted by us that are contributed by you, we will gift you with a surprise token of appreciation.

Caption your photo with the memory by including:
  • Name of event/programme and year;
  • (Venue/Location; and
  • Why was it memorable for you.
Don’t forget to tag SEAMEO SPAFA (@seameo.spafa) and use the hashtag #spafa50.

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