1979 Demonstration at Workshop on the Preservation of Traditional Performing Arts in Modern Environment, Bali, Indonesia
1986 Consultative Workshop on Researches and Documentation of Ethnic Music, Laguna, Philippines
1988 Training Course on Conservation on Archival Materials Photographs, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1995 Seminar Workshop on Arts Management and Administration, Manila, Philippines
1997 Training Course on Lithics Analysis at SEAMEO SPAFA, Bangkok, Thailand
2000 Workshop on Curatorship and Exhibition in Southeast Asian Museums held in collaboration with Singapore National Heritage Board in Singapore
2007 International Symposium on Intercultural Understanding, Changing the Landscape and Building Bridges for Peace, Bangkok, Thailand
2008 International Symposium on Challenges in Heritage Tourism, Bangkok, Thailand
2013 Training on Principles of Underwater Archaeology, Chanthaburi and Rayong, Thailand
2019 Site visit, Thailand during the 3rd SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference in Southeast Asian Archaeology held in collaboration with the Fine Arts Department of Thailand