1978 Trainees prepare for dives during training on conserving underwater archaeological objects, held in Thailand between December 11, 1978 - March 9, 1979 (SEAMEO SPAFA archives)
1979 Participants practise on gamelan instruments at a workshop on preserving traditional performing arts, held in Indonesia (SEAMEO SPAFA archives)
1983 Practitioners learn techniques during training on C-14 Dating in Bangkok (SEAMEO SPAFA archives).
1984 Art teachers undergo training in Manila (SEAMEO SPAFA archives).
1994 Performing arts practitioners try their hand at video-filming during workshop on documentary film and video making, in Jakarta (SEAMEO SPAFA archives)
1996 Teachers engage in outdoor team building during training in Chiang Mai on art education curriculum development in Southeast Asian secondary schools (SEAMEO SPAFA archives)
Share Memory “I am very grateful and honored to be chosen to [represent] my team. It was an amazing and very interesting experience. I really appreciate that experience for the rest of my life.”Yannie Damit, National Archive of Brunei, who participated in the CollAsia (collections conservation) programme in Brunei Darussalam, 2010 (SEAMEO SPAFA Archives)
2005 Participants visit temple storage spaces during workshop in Bangkok on conservation and exhibition of Southeast Asian Collections (SEAMEO SPAFA archives)
2012 Seminar on Disaster Preparedness and Responses for Cultural Heritage, held at the Siam Society in Bangkok (SEAMEO SPAFA archives)
2015 Dance performance depicting Myanmar’s rice ploughing ceremony, at Srinakharinwirot University, Bangkok, as part of the event, ‘Spiritual Dimensions of Rice Culture in Southeast Asia’ (SEAMEO SPAFA archives)