A Sense of Purpose

by: Erjo Coscolluela
If there is one thing that I can truly say I took from the 1st SEAMEO Youth Leadership Forum, is that it reinforced within me a sense of duty to others. Aside from the engaging lectures, discussions, and activities that filled most of our mornings and afternoons, my evenings in Bangkok were spent getting to know more about my co-delegates; I slowly learned that each and every one of them had something they were passionate about, and that these passions were linked together by one common goal: improving the lives of the people of Southeast Asia...Read more

Using workshop methodologies in youth meetings and workshops

by: Mr Agee Ahmed
After I came back from the 1st SEAMEO Youth Leadership Forum, I believed that all the learning experiences and valuable lessons from there are not just for my own self development, but also I have the obligation to share these with other young people who are eager to develop their own qualities...Read more

Tangguyub: Called to Serve

by: Brent Ordillano
The Ayala Young Leaders Congress (AYLC) is an annual four-day summit which brings together 81 of the most promising student leaders from colleges and universities of the Philippines. It had workshops, lectures and discussions with distinguished speakers from various fields, and plenary sessions. The congress is a commitment of the Ayala Group, one of the biggest corporations in the Philippines, towards nation-building. It seeks to develop change agents and servant leaders among the Filipino youth....Read more

Home in another place

by: Abielle Remo
One day I received an e-mail “… See you in Bangkok!”

My heart stopped beating and pounded so fast at the same time – unexplainable. My eyes turned into rivers. I could not be contained. I was like a kid who got a trip to Disney Land. I … was … ecstatic! This was the first time I’ll be away from home – or so I thought.

Flight day came...Read more

Embracing our youthful abilities and ambitions

by: Nirermol Singhsachakul
I stared at the screen in awe and pride. I was speechless and instead of screaming with joy and excitement, I stood still, and let my words speak through tears. I was accepted to represent my beloved country, Thailand, and the media and communications field at The 1st SEAMEO Youth Leadership Forum...Read more