The “1st SEAMEO Youth Leadership Form” aims at providing a regional platform for youth representatives from SEAMEO-member countries to build their leadership skills and strengthen their capacity to contribute to the ASEAN community now and in the future.


  1. Foster cross-cultural networking among participants who are interested in further developing their leadership skills and in initiating projects in their communities
  2. Develop the youth representatives' understanding of the dynamics of leading communities and organizations
  3. Promote 21st century life skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking
  4. Enhance shared understanding of professional ethics and civic responsibility
  5. Supplement the youth's knowledge of current issues concerning the environment and the overall development process
  6. Provide a space for the youth to voice their viewpoints on the current and future state of their communities and of Southeast Asia
  7. Develop the participant's outlook on inter-cultural understanding and cooperation in the ASEAN region

The forum will adopt participatory methods to raise awareness, stimulate creativity, innovation, and engagement of the participants. Activities shall include lectures, workshops, group discussions, and site visits. The lecturers and speakers shall provide informed perspectives on leadership and critical issues in the ASEAN. It will also solicit the youth's viewpoints on leadership, professionalism, and sustainable development through their interaction with the speakers and with each other.

The main themes of the forum are:

  1. Developing Future Leaders of Southeast Asia
  2. Effective Professional Values and Skills
  3. Managing the Development of a Changing World
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See the tentative Program.

Target Participants

Two (2) participants from each SEAMEO-member country (Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam) will be selected to join the SEAMEO Youth Leadership Forum. The desired participants are those who are at the junction of their education and career; therefore, priority will be given to senior university students or those who have just graduated from university in the previous academic year. Preference will be given to individuals who have demonstrated strong leadership characteristics while in school or as members of their community. A cross-section of different career fields ñ such as law, engineering, science, arts, media, medicine, etc. - will be represented in the forum.

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Schedule of Application

  1. Application closed (EXTENDED): 08 August 2014
  2. Announcement of application results: 22August 2014