Provisional Program

Day 1, 1st October: Developing Future Leaders of Southeast Asia
Morning Opening Ceremonies
  -Welcome Speech
  -Keynote Speech
  -Introduction of Participants
Lectures and Discussions
Session 1. Concepts and facets of leadership
Session 2. Team leadership and learning dynamics
Afternoon (3) Leadership of 21st century global citizens
Group workshop 1. Imagining an “ideal leader”
Day 2, 2nd October: Effective Professional Values and Skills
Morning Lectures and discussions
Session 4. Core values in ethics and professional responsibility
Session 5. Professional ethics
  Session 5.1. Education
  Session 5.2. Media and communication
  Session 5.3. Business
Afternoon   Session 5.4. Science (engineering, IT)
  Session 5.5. Arts and culture/entertainment
Day 3, 3rd October: Site visits
Morning Chitralada Royal Villa
Afternoon Kadi Chin community
Day 4, 4th October: Managing the Development of a Changing World
Morning Film screening
Lectures and discussions
Session 6. Theories and practices of sustainable development economics
Session 7. Sustainable environmental management
Afternoon Session 8. Multi-lingual communication
Session 9. Cultural appreciation and intercultural understanding
Group Workshop 2. Imagining the ASEAN community
Closing ceremonies
  · Handing of certificates
  · Closing speech

Note: Resource persons, speakers, and facilitators will be from various professions (e.g. education, art, politics, journalism, etc.) and who represent such organizatoins as the UNESCO ASia Pacific Center of Education for International Understanding, Anti-Corruption Organizatoin of Thailand, Right to Play Thialand Foundation, Mahidol University, University Gadjah Mada, and others.

Additional program details will be available in due course.