Vision and Mission (Previous: Roles and Priorities)


Revitalize SEAMEO SPAFA’s Role in Human Capital Development for 21st Century Archaeology and Fine Arts.


PROMOTE excellent practice and research in archaeology and fine arts in Southeast Asia.

DEVELOP SEAMEO SPAFA as leading centre in communication, coordination, documentation and legal/ethics guidance for archaeologists, artists and experts.

ESTABLISH SEAMEO SPAFA as a training centre of excellence that advances new knowledge and technologies.

In addition, there will be Collaborative Projects related to the themes of Sustainable Development and Education for All in cooperation with SEAMEO institutions and SEAMEO member countries and other organizations such as UNESCO, ICCROM, APSARA and APCEIU.

  • Increase cultural literacy, and vocational and technical skills in archaeology and fine arts
  • Promote appreciation for cultural diversity and culture’s contribution to sustainable development

  • Promote entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation


  • Increase access of artists and artisans to markets


  • Promote ethical integrity, mutual respect, and inclusivity

  • Strengthen efforts to protect and safeguard the world’s cultural and natural heritage

  • Promote legal frameworks in the safeguarding of artefacts and works of art
  • Contribute towards strengthening the recovery and return of stolen cultural assets

  • Promote environmentally sound traditional and new technologies in heritage sciences and artistic creations