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CALL FOR PAPERS: SPAFACON2021, 13-17 December 2021

SPAFACON goes online with a special conference to mark 50 years of promoting archaeology and fine arts in Southeast Asia. We invite papers related to the ambit of SEAMEO SPAFA – Archaeology, Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage – especially in the following themes:

1. Historical Overviews and Reflections about the development of archaeology, fine arts, museums and cultural heritage in Southeast Asia

2. New discoveries in Southeast Asian Archaeology, including the archaeology of individual countries inside the region

3. Traditional and contemporary art activities, exhibitions, museums and galleries movement and dealing with challenges in the light of Covid-19

4. Creation and innovation in cultural heritage management in Southeast Asia

5. Innovations in the Fine Arts that contribute to the creative industries and beyond

6. Resilience in protecting and promoting traditional knowledge

7. Community engagement in archaeology, anthropology and cultural heritage

8. Ethical issues related to the fields of archaeology, fine arts, museums or cultural heritage in Southeast Asia

Deadline for submissions is 30 June 2021. Please visit the SPAFACON2021 website for more information.

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