Fine Arts Collaborations Events

Rain Motions: Connecting (with) the Skies of Southeast Asia

Type/Category: Public Outreach Event / Seminar/ Performing Arts

Venue: Online and Bangkok, Thailand

Date: Feb – May 2023


  • ASEAN Committee for Culture and Information (ASEAN COCI)
  • Ministry of Culture Thailand

The project “Rain Motions: Connecting (with) the Skies of Southeast Asia” is a collaborative endeavour between ASEAN and SEAMEO SPAFA to promote creativity and innovation in the performing arts in Southeast Asia. It will provide a platform for scholars, performers and researchers to share and stimulate knowledge exchanges on water or rain-related traditions in the region, and most importantly, to break the barriers between dance genres through a series of discussions and performances that will culminate in a collaborative “finale performance” from the participating countries.

Rain, as with water, is a source of life for many Southeast Asian ethnic communities. This dependence has brought forth a variety of practices or rituals that embody narratives about their relationship with, and linkages between, the natural and spiritual worlds. This project aims to provide a new perspective from the widely performed Southeast Asian masked and traditional ethnic dances, as well as a mean to bridge the past and present. The focus on rain also proves to be timely as we now commonly face threats from climate change and constraints in hydrological resources.

1. Stimulate innovation in the development of new contemporary dance creations using local Southeast Asian traditions as a source of inspiration

2. Facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience among contemporary dancers, choreographers, and scholars in Southeast Asia

3. Increase appreciation for cultural and natural heritage preservation and contemporary dance among audiences in Southeast Asia

1. Increased awareness on the importance of safeguarding cultural and natural heritage; protecting and restoring all water-related ecosystems; and integrating ecosystem and biodiversity values into development processes.

2. Raised appreciation for shared and diverse practices, values and beliefs by exploring the deep traditional connections between nature and culture.

3. Increased literacy in and appreciation for history, tradition and diversity in the modern world.

4. Strengthened regional identity and knowledge of the shared and diverse heritage of Southeast Asia.

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