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SEAMEO-APCEIU Educational Website: Cultural Understanding through Paintings from Southeast Asia and Korea

SEAMEO SPAFA. in collaboration with the Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) – through the generous funding of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea, have developed a free educational website that showcases paintings from Southeast Asia and Korea.  The website is titled, “Cultural Understanding through Paintings from Southeast Asia and Korea”.

URL link to the paintings website here:

HIGHLIGHTS of the Paintings Website:

* View 100 beautiful paintings.

* Learn about the cultures of Southeast Asia and Korea by reading the painting descriptions and tagged elements.

* Select from 9 different painting categories: (1) Clothing, (2) Food and Agriculture, (3) History and Folklore, (4) Nature and Landscape, (5) Performing Arts, (6) Rituals and Festivities, (7) Sites, Monuments and Architecture, (8) Sports and Recreation, and (9) Trades and Skills.

Play the Quiz: We have included a quiz where you can test your knowledge from what you’ve learned on the paintings website. People who score highly will get a certificate from SEAMEO-APCEIU!

It is hoped that this educational yet entertaining and interactive paintings website will encourage users to learn about the cultures of Southeast Asia and Korea, be it during use in the classroom with students  in art class, history, Asian studies, computer lessons, etc., or at home with family and friends.

Please share amongst your students and/or educational network.

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