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Capitals Archaeology Lecture Series – Phnom Penh: Past & Present

Program Category: Archaeology

Type / Category: Lecture Series / Archaeology and Heritage Conservation

Date/Duration: Monthly, beginning August 2015, two one-hour talks for three months

Venue: Siam Society, Bangkok


A lecture series on the ancient and modern heritage of the capital cities of Southeast Asia. Two speakers will be invited from each country to give a talk on the archaeology and urban conservation of a capital city in Southeast Asia.

Background Information/Statement of the Problem

In 2011, SEAMEO-SPAFA launched the first talk on the archaeology of Southeast Asia’s capitals, with the first talk given by John Miksic and Johannes Widodo on the archaeology and heritage conservation of modern Singapore. For various reasons, subsequent talks did not materialize, and this project aims to continue the lecture series by inviting other guests to talk about the remaining capitals.


  1. To provide a monthly talk on the history and archaeology of the capital cities of Southeast Asia, with the aim of increasing appreciation for the historical value of these sites and understanding the conservation issues in these cities.
  2. Reach a local and international audience through a public lecture in Bangkok and online distribution through our website.

Target Group/Beneficiaries

– The immediate public to be reached will be residents of Bangkok interested in the history and archaeology of the respective countries and of Southeast Asia

– The reach can be further extended to a wider audience through the recording of these lectures and hosting the videos on our website and distribution of DVDs


Expected Output

– Two hour lecture by each speaker

– Video recording of the talk


Expected Outcome

– Appreciation of the histories of Southeast Asia’s capitals

– Increased knowledge of the archaeological potential in these cities

– Understanding of conservation challenges in these cities

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