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Logo Design Competition of the 10th Anniversary of China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week

I.Background Since 2008, the China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week(CAECW), hosted by the Ministry of Education of P.R.China, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R.China, and the People’s Government of Guizhou Province, has been successfully held in Guizhou, P. R. China for 9 consecutive years. CAECW has become an important platform for educational and cultural exchanges between China and ASEAN. The 10th  CAECW will be held in Guizhou at the end of July and the beginning of August, with the theme of “Share A Decade Achievements in Educational Cooperation, Start A New Chapter along with the Belt and Road Initiative”. In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of CAECW, the CAECW Secretariat hold the Logo Design Competition. II. Content and requirements 2.1 The Logo should be in accordance with the theme of 10th CAECW, contain the elements of “ten years”, “China and ASEAN” and “educational exchange”, and be solemn, connotative and with strong artistic value. 2.2 The color should be simple and bright, suitable for colorful, black and white, or colorless background. It is advised to avoid the use of any ethnic or religious taboos in ASEAN countries and China. 2.3 The Logo should be designed containing the CAECW LOGO. Please download the electronic version of CAECW LOGO on 2.4 The Logo must be original, and does not infringe the rights and interests of the third party. 2.5 The final selected Logo shall be used for dissemination and implementation in relative activities of 10th CAECW, including venue decoration, backdrop, tag, invitation, certificate, file bag, registration book, special column of news report, flier, banner and publication. 2.6 The submitted designs shall take the Logo as the main body with some basic visual elements: standard font (English), standard color, auxiliary graph. And it needs to provide at least 5 Logo extension operational versions. The works shall be drawn on the white A4 paper, moreover, the e-version shall be submitted with CMYK and 300dpi. 2.7 Please submit the design with description in English, to describe the idea and explain the Logo in 300 words. III. Participants of the Competition The general public are invited to join the competition. IV. Submission methods 4.1 Post:Please mail the A4 size of works and disc file to CAECW Secretariat. Please note “10TH CAECW LOGO” on the envelope and the name and contact information of the designer. Address: Room 1002,No. 162 Jinzhu East Rd., Guanshanhu District, Guiyang,Guizhou,P.R.China, Post code : 550081 Contact Persons:Mr. Yang Yuxin, Mr. Gao Hao Contact Number: +86-(0)851-85285768 4.2 E-mail: please zip the designed Logo in jpg and gif, and together with the participation form send to, noting “10TH CAECW LOGO” in the email subject. V. The deadline of collection April 15, 2017 (the date of postmark and E-mail sending time will be recognized). VI. Reward method 3 designs will be preliminarily selected among all the participants’ works and the winners will be presented a certificate of honor. The designer of the final 1 selected will be awarded a pre-tax bonus of 20,000 RMB. VII. Statement 7.1 All the submitted designs will not be returned. 7.2 The designer will bear legal responsibility for tort and shall be prosecuted if his or her design have caused losses to CAECW Secretariat. 7.3 The copyright and usage right of the selected logo shall belong to CAECW Secretariat, thus, the designer cannot authorize the logo to any other individual or organization. 7.4 The above bonus amount refers to the amount before tax (tax shall be borne by the winner). 7.5 All the participants are deemed to adhere to the above statements. 7.6 The rights of final interpretation of the Logo Design Competition shall belong to CAECW Secretariat. Download the participation form here.
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