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3rd SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology (SPAFACON2019)

Type/Category: Conference/Advancing Southeast Asian Archaeology

Date: 17-21 June 2019 (Monday-Friday)

Venue: S31 Sukhumvit Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Partners/Collaborators: Fine Arts Department, Ministry of Culture, Thailand

The SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology is the region’s first and only locally initiated international platform dedicated to the sharing and updating of archaeological knowledge on Southeast Asia. It will be held in Bangkok from 17-21 June 2019 comprising of the conference proper from June 17-19 (Monday to Wednesday), an additional day of optional site visits on June 20 (Thursday) and the final day (21 June) for focused workshops and meetings.

Southeast Asian archaeology is an emerging field of interest on the world stage. However, the sharing of information and research has been limited for local Southeast Asians due to various factors, especially language and lack of resources. Published research in most academic journals is beyond the reach of local Southeast Asians because of paywalls, and as such, conferences are one of the main ways locally-produced knowledge is shared within the region. In Southeast Asia, the main international conferences for archaeologists are the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association (IPPA) Congress held every four years in an Asian city, and the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists which is held every two years in a European city. As such, participating in these conferences can be prohibitively expensive for local scholars and there is a need for a conference which is catered for Southeast Asian archaeologists, held inside Southeast Asia.

In order to facilitate the sharing and advancement of knowledge, SEAMEO SPAFA has been organizing the triennial International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology since 2013 with the two previous events having been held in Chonburi (2013) and Bangkok (2016). In both events, a majority of the participants came from Southeast Asia with numbers increasing from 120 to 220. As a feature of SEAMEO events, we facilitate the representation of all Southeast Asian countries through the provision of Country Reports, delivered by the nominees of the 11 Southeast Asian countries. The conference also promotes the discussion of regional issues, such as underwater cultural heritage, rock art and archaeology education, as well as provide platforms for countries such as Myanmar and Singapore that have emerging local archaeological research.

1. Advance Southeast Asian Archaeology by providing an avenue for the dissemination of research
2. Foster interactions and cooperation between archaeologists working in Southeast Asia
3. Encourage the participation of local (native) Southeast Asians in the research of the ancient past
4. Build capacity through short training workshops based on the needs of archaeology and heritage professionals in the region

1. Enhanced knowledge from the sharing of latest research from active investigations
2. Representation from the 11 Southeast Asian Countries with increased knowledge on the state of local archaeology
3. Increased capacity among students and emerging scholars in Southeast Asian archaeology
4. Exposure for international visitors to the archaeological heritage of the host country
5. Networking platform for people and institutions interested in archaeology and related fields

This conference recurs every three years. The next conference is expected to be held in 2022 in a Southeast Asian city.

If you wish to propose or convene a session around a specific topic for the 3rd SEAMEO SPAFA International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology, please fill up the form on the SPAFACON2019 website (Click button above).

A general Call for Papers will be announced in November 2018, and the list of sessions will be finalised in early 2019.

Deadline for Session proposals: 31 October 2018

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