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Harvesting honey saves forests and lives

Support poor coastal communities in southern Thailand as mangroves are lost to aquaculture (in particular shrimp farming), logging, and urban expansion.

Villagers in the area are currently engaged in a new sustainable livelihood, acquiring skills to keep bees, harvest honey, and produce honey products, having studied bees pollinating flowers in the mangrove habitats. The village can produce up to 200kgs of honey per year, and the women in the village have formed an Apiculture Group producing shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and medicinal balms that use natural plants mixed with honey or beeswax. There are huge benefits for the bees as the village agrees not to use pesticides when raising the bees. The village of Nai Nang wants to spread their knowledge and provide training and workshops for other villages nearby so that they are able to provide for their families that ensure a better future and education opportunities for their children.

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