Fine Arts Heritage & Conservation Collaborations Events

Arts in Heritage

Date: 8-9 August 2023

Venue: Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)

Programme Schedule: English and Thai

Heritage places such as historic buildings, religious structures, historical quarters, townscapes, and world heritage cities have been featured in recent Biennales. Such heritage entities have not only served as sources of inspiration for artists but have also become integral components of their artistic creations..

These heritage-related artworks can be a powerful tool in increasing public awareness about the value and significance of heritage, and enhance the appreciation and understanding of heritage conservation and management. They represent a means to introduce and effectively disseminate local or national heritage narratives to a wider global audience. However, considering artworks within a heritage context generates various concerns that need to be addressed.

Among these concerns are the interrelation of heritage and its intrinsic value, as well as the messages conveyed by the artworks. There should be discussions about art creation featuring heritage sites and properties and heritage promotion and conservation. A seminar will therefore provide a platform for targeted beneficiaries, including curators, artists, artisans, and academics, to share and exchange experiences and insights on the interaction between arts and heritage.

The primary objective is to prevent any adverse impacts on heritage resulting from art activities while encouraging relevant professionals to promote heritage values through their artistic works. By facilitating dialogue and knowledge exchange, the seminar seeks to enhance understanding in the preservation and promotion of shared cultural heritage.

In partnering with Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, SEAMEO Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts will organise a 2-day activity consisting of a seminar, workshop, and exhibition on contemporary arts featuring heritage resources. The main beneficiaries are curators, artists, artisans, scholars, and students (up to 60 participants). The seminar comprising three sessions will focus on the following issues.

Session I: Brushstrokes of History- Interrelationship between Heritage and Arts through the Eyes of Artist and Heritage Professional

This session aims to provide a platform for artists and heritage professionals to exchange their experience and perspective. The speakers will explore the connection between Southeast Asian cultural heritage and art practices in both traditional and contemporary arts. The session will discuss how artists reinterpret traditional forms and narratives to create fresh perspectives on heritage,, and how it can contribute to heritage protection and promotion, while also examining the unique aspects of Southeast Asian heritage that serve as inspiration for the artists. The speakers will share their insights on drawing inspiration from heritage contexts, and on making heritage come alive through various artistic expressions.

Session II: Creative Heritage and Artistic Innovation in Heritage Context

This session focuses on innovative approaches in heritage spaces, emphasising how contemporary art practices can contribute to the conservation and revitalisation of heritage sites. It will address the balance between artistic expression and cultural heritage conservation from a curatorial perspective. The speakers will touch on ethical practices when artists work with heritage spaces, and challenges faced (such as cultural sensitivity, community engagement and site preservation).

Session III: Engaging Community, Empowering Local Voices, and Encouraging Youth in Arts and Heritage

The speakers will share their thoughts on the importance of community engagement in arts and heritage initiatives. The session will present case studies on community-led projects in heritage conservation and the creation of a collective cultural identity through art expression and activities. Strategies for promoting heritage appreciation and involving the youth in heritage preservation will also be discussed, with the focus on ensuring sustainability for future generations.

  • Admission: FREE of charge but pre-registration is preferable
  • Working language (Seminar): English
  • Registration for the Seminar (8 August 2023) to be held at Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (onsite only), HERE.

For further information, please contact: Dr Hatthaya Siriphatthanakun, Senior Specialist in Cultural Heritage Management |

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