1st International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology

Programme Category: Archaeology

Type: Conference

Date: 7 May – 10 May 2013

Venue: Tao-Thong Operation Center, Burapha University, Chon Buri, Thailand


While Southeast Asian countries have progressively accumulated a wealth of knowledge in archaeology over the past several centuries, and research and studies on archaeology and relevant subjects have been conducted, the studies are mostly done separately with little or no collaboration in the region. As a result, the knowledge on the present state of Southeast Asian archaeology is not consolidated, and there is a lack of information which results in an incomplete picture of the region’s archaeological knowledge. Though there are a number of meetings and conferences on archaeology taking place in Southeast Asia in recent years, none of them has addressed the issue of the current state of archaeology in Southeast Asia which should encompasses all relevant subjects. This conference, therefore, will provide a forum for Southeast Asian archaeologists, heritage professionals, and others, to share the results of their studies which will enhance a better understanding of Southeast Asian archaeology and regional collaboration.

Background Information

Southeast Asian Archaeology is an emerging region of interest in the world stage, although the sharing of information and research has been limited due to factors such as language and lack of resources. International conferences for Southeast Asian archaeologists are limited to the Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association (IPPA) Congress held every four years (last held 2014 in Siem Reap) and the European Association of South East Asian Archaeologists (next held 2015 in Paris). The SPAFA-led International Conference on Southeast Asian Archaeology aims to be the flagship conference for Southeast Asian Archaeology, one that is located in a Southeast Asian venue and dedicated solely for Southeast Asian research, with a focus on helping local scholars share their research.


  1. Advance Southeast Asian Archaeology by  providing an avenue for the dissemination of research
  2. Foster interactions and cooperation between archaeologists working in Southeast Asia


– Two hour lecture by each speaker

– Video recording of the talk


  1. Opportunities for local Southeast Asian researchers and students to present their work
  2. The dissemination of the latest archaeological developments in the region
  3. Increased visibility for SPAFA as a regional centre for the promotion of archaeology

Post-Activity Report

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