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The 1st International Conference on Special Education (ICSE)

The ICSE, 28th – 31th July, 2015, Bangkok Thailand, provides a unique opportunity for government, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations in Special Education to meet and exchange with each other. Attendees include special educators, teachers, researchers, post graduate students and policy makers and stakeholders in the Special Education from SEAMEO/SEN member countries and associate member countries and local.
The conference sessions are in the forms of lectures, presentations, and exhibition focusing on special education. Highlights include well-known keynote speakers, exchanges of information, practices and opinions. The call for paper is now open until 31st January 2015! Please click here for more information on ‘Call for Papers’.
This first-year conference features the innovation to Enhance Learning and Practices. This includes, but not limited to new methods in teaching and learning, development of assistive devices, ICT applied teaching gadget and use of cyber learning. Please click here to see the conference’s schedule for more details.
ICSE 2014 Registration is now open, please register before the 31st May, 2015. To register, please click here.
* Website of The 1st International Conference on Special Education (ICSE), click here.
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